Skills and Stripes 2024 is organized by HSV Groot Rotterdam.

Welcome to the international Perch angling tournament

•Skills and Stripes is an International predator angling tournament.

•You don't have to qualify to participate in this sport competition.

•Skills and Stripes is a one-day tournament.

•Location Haringvliet and Hollandsdiep (Netherlands)

•The target fish is Perch, Catch Picture and Release only!!!
•It's a 100% leadfree tournament.

•But what makes Skills and Stripes special is that each team receives the same tacklebox with lures.   (no other lures allowed) 

Are you up for it, and do you think you have the skills to beat all the others?

But be quick, only a limited registration of 49 boats.

GARMIN NEDERLAND B.V. is the main sponsor for Skills and Stripes 2022

click below to view the TRACK !